Working With Freeman Patterson, by June Galbraith

In 2013, Barbara Merritt and I flew to New Brunswick to attend a 7-day workshop given by Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience. Last summer, we decided to do a one day Master Class with Freeman, renting the cottage behind his house at his 500-acre property in Shamperʼs Bluff, New Brunswick. During the day he worked us hard and in the evenings the three of us enjoyed one another’s company, sipping wine while shooting the sunset from his deck. It was just amazing to learning from his skill, gather his wisdom, laugh and share stories. The experience will remain with us always. 

Last month we received a call from Sandy McMurrich, who has been Freemanʼs agent and friend for the past 16 years. Freeman was flying in for a couple of weeks, and would be staying at his home in Oakville to exhibit and sell some of his work. Sandy invited us to join Freeman and a few other friends for an intimate dinner at his home. We had the pleasure of viewing the exhibit privately, and yes, we are both now owners of an original Freeman Patterson! Sandy will be visiting each of us as he insists on coming to each home to choose the best location to hang each piece. Heʼs very protective of Freemanʼs work! 

For both Barb and me this has been an experience of growth, shared passion of photography, laughter and friendship. We encourage anyone who is considering a workshop, retreat or class to jump in with two feet as these events have really shaped our photography in ways we could not have imagined. 

Day2Sunset4      Deck2 DrivewayView1      ReflectionOfFreemansHouse

Photos by June Galbraith and Barbara Merritt