Tech Sessions

Starting February 4, there will be short 10-15 minute talks by other members on a variety of subjects at the start of each meeting (except competition nights).  This is in response to feedback from members requesting that the club deliver more practical information on the various technical aspects of digital photography.

The session, led by Selby Shanly, on February 4 covered the following topics and you can download the PDF here: The RAW Truth

  • RAW vs JPEG – what are the differences? Why shoot RAW?
  • Exposing for RAW – how using RAW can alter how you take photographs
  • Non-destructive editing of RAW files – what does it mean? What are the benefits?  How does it differ from normal image editing?
  • Processing RAW files – a quick overview of software available. Web links for more information.


Currently planned future talks include HDR processing and Using layers to create composite images on a PC or an iPad.