Member Exhibit – November 2020 – Jeff Curran

There are a few reasons for wanting to have your work in a gallery space. Exhibitions are a great way of getting your work seen and evaluate how it is received by the public. In addition, the exposure offered by an event in a formal setting can be monetized through sales.

This year at “Spectra”, part of the annual CONTACT photography festival, I presented a series of four resin cast images mounted on wood panels. The show, which ran between November 11 – 22 at Gallery 1313 on Queen Street West, featured the work of 14 artists who are members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. 

In a time when things are deliberately overexposed, I find myself continuously returning to those aspects that are often hidden, my images making visible what is overlooked. Throughout this series, I invite the viewer to move into a space of gentle energy. As almost everything reflects light, I use photographic processes to reveal an ethereal but lively essence of momentary dispersions of light on various surfaces. They are all different and the living shapes created by the reflections produce a unique experience that requires one to look more closely and deeply. 

refraction 1 of 4 refraction 2 of 4 refraction 3 of 4 refraction 4 of 4